Curious what our students are saying about their Stilettos & Steel experience?


I’ve always been a bit clumsy and uncoordinated but I’ve always loved to watch dance and wished I could do it.  I decided to try an introductory burlesque class and ended up absolutely loving it.  Now I’m completely hooked on burlesque, have tried pole and am highly considering belly dance as well! People at work and at home have even noticed the change in my confidence level since I started. 


I cannot thank Whitney and Candice enough for having such a fun, encouraging environment for all of us to let go and believe in ourselves.  I don’t think I could have relaxed enough to do this in any other place.

-Angela B.




Officially a member of Stilettos & Steel Fitness! The physical strength I'm building is amazing but more importantly the inner strength and self confidence as a woman and mother ... Beyond words!! Thank you, I'm more than looking forward to the next 3 months!!

-Mandi W.




I started taking Burlesque classes at S&S because it sounded fun and I’d always enjoyed watching Burlesque dancing. During my first class I instantly fell in love with Whitney, the instructor, and her teaching style. I remember the first week I was barely willing (or able!) to move my hips as I’d always try to conceal my curves. S&S has empowered me to embrace myself, my body, and celebrate my curves! Not to mention the friendships I've made. I love how every women who comes there wants to build other women up. I've never been in such a supportive environment. After each class I feel incredibly happy and sexy, who wouldn’t want to keep coming back.





I can't say enough positive things about Candice and her studio. Her teaching style is fun and encouraging, while at the same time challenging us to push further. I have never had so much fun while exercising...and I almost don't want to use that word because it is unlike any exercise I have ever done, you don't realize how much strength you are using until you are sore the next day. I look forward to my classes each week!

- Andrea L.




Candice and Whitney are amazing. Everyone is so welcoming, it is a very judgement free environment, and I love leaving feeling a little more confident. It is the perfect place to go and forget about work stress, family chaos, and just let it all go and focus on me.

-Erin R.




On my way home from class yesterday, I kept thinking, "this is how I want to feel every day for the rest of my life." I am so at peace and happy when I leave class. I started pole classes because I wanted to become strong. Granted, that's happening, and more quickly than I would've anticipated, but what has been a wonderful bonus/surprise is all the rest I've been experiencing. Fun, peace, humor, happiness, growth, pushing myself, joy... All of these are great, but one of the first things that I noticed, because it is kind of unusual for me, was a sense of belonging. Within the first couple of classes, I felt, "I belong here." I could be just me ~ no filters, no false "faces." I can just be all the goofy, dorky me. I feel accepted, not judged. This is a beautiful, treasured gift. I bring all of me to class, whatever that means. Whether I'm having a great day, had no sleep, or whatever is going on, I always am happier that I made it to class, even if I'd thought about dragging my feet about going.
Thank you for opening your studio. There is a unique kind of stress that goes along with running your own business. I appreciate everything you are doing for us. You've brought together a great community. I am so thankful to have found you all. You guys work me and help me grow.


(I'm even learning to become more comfortable in my gawky, awkward body. A lot of the time I feel like my arms and legs are too long, like a gangly teen who grew too many inches too fast.)
So grateful and thankful to be a part of this growing studio community! Thanks again for all that you do!!

-Danielle F.